As a graduate from the school 0f hard knocks I share and reflect on a number of topics bringing with me all that I’ve experienced and continue to experience in my life. Join with me as I shed all the excess baggage of life as I try to reach the top of the mountain named simplicity. Just remember that what I offer is filtered through the prism of a poor Italian ethnic background which was shaped and formed by a single mom who struggled to survive as a widow in post-war Italy. My inner core was influenced by the beautiful and powerful sea that surrounded the lovely town of Gaeta and was further shaped by the ever present large and extended family “the proverbial village” that made up Boston’s “Little Italy,” the North End of the 60’s and 70’s. In a nutshell I can be classified and labeled if you choose by the four F’s (faith, family, food, fun); the order is subjective and can change from day to day with most days incorporating all four.

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